The future is now, not next week or next year, it’s today, here and now. The space between now and the future hardly exists as change is happening so fast, emergent in the moment. Being unpredictable and unstable it leads to an imbalance and rocks the very foundations upon which our lives are built.

Adelle Wapnick and Bani Kgosana have started a leadership development consultancy which looks at what challenges the future might bring through a lens of the development of character, so that leaders and their people are equipped to cope with what this future may mean to them.

Leadership is in a state of crisis. Watch the news, read the papers and there isn’t a piece or headline that doesn’t illustrate this. Questionable behaviour on the part of leaders has led to a crisis of confidence and a growth in distrust. From politics to corporates, society to institutions, leaders are failing the system. While the reason is not fully understood, but many have explored – fear and anxiety in the fast-changing world – one thing is apparent, sound moral judgment is clearly lacking. Building character is the foundation of responsible leadership. It shapes how we engage with the world. And while some might say, you’re either born with it or not, research shows that character is something that can be developed.

“The biggest competitor you didn’t know you had”

White collar crime costing SA R930m per annum R180bn lost to corruption in the public sector

“Rogue Chinese biophysics researcher Prof He Jiankui genetically edits twin girls”

Lulu and Nana are created in Shenzhen and the announcement is met with condemnation. Chinese authorities suspend all activities.

Leading appropriately and coping with the future will take the development of character like never before.

Why Character?

Protects reputation
Enhances organizational value
Secures a share price
Attracts talent
Enables innovation
Promotes collaboration
Ensures longevity
Builds people and communities
Teaches responsibility and accountability
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Coaching to Character

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Bani Kgosana

Mohlanbani (Bani) Kgosana Bsc (Hons), MBA Henley Businessman, Board member, Exec Coach

Adelle Wapnick

Adelle Wapnick BA, MA (Spec) HEC, Oxford Entrepreneur, Board member Exec Coach